M.A.L. is a workspace for reflection, research and exchange for the development of projects from artists, programmers and
groupsof creators,that use the mobile devices as a creative tool. 

From October 17th to 21st the selected artists will work along with three renowned artists as tutors, and with an
outstanding group of programmers with huge expertise on artistic projects, developing specific software for their projects
and adapting existing opensoftware tools

You can see the project presentation and the results from the workshop on Friday, October 21st at 18:00 at Hangar.

The methodologies and tools developed during the workshop will set up the conceptual basis and techniques for the future
development of the Mobile Art Laboratory (M.A.L.), newly created node in Hangar, Production and Research Centre for  
Visual Arts.

The projects selected under this call are:






La Màquina d'escriure de Google Maps.

Marc Antoni Malagarriga-Picas


Writing application with “geoglyphs”, letters found in the satellite view of Google Maps.

The alphabets used are formed by living characters, sensitive to the space/time.

AR Route/Tactical AR Tools

Mariano Maturana

Consol Rodríguez


A Geolocation and Augmented Reality application  to know the libertarian history of Barcelona through places where no longer exists a tangible trace.

Mapa Mut

Sandra García



When you are in a noisy location and want to find silence, this application informs you of the nearest quiet place allowing you to adjust the distance and noise tolerance.


Lester Barreto

Pedro Coelho

Pedro Dias

Enric  Carreras

This application will make a record of the itinerary of a junk collector, highlighting one of the most precarious situations and yet a part of an organized economic system.