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We’ll work on the adaptation of the application that is currently operating on the web. Now we know the role of each in the team.I haven’t had many occasions to present the project and to receive feedback from the others was positive. Discussion on possible uses and applications to extract from the project.

We’ll keep two of the ideas generated yesterday: An interface for Google Street View in its static form to collect street-fonts. We are also working to convert the search for new geoglyphs at sky view of any alphabet in a game "Geoglyphs’ Hunters".

We’ll work with Sander Veenhoff to make the adaptations we want for the project that is currently in Layar and also to convert it into an application, so we’ll explore technical alternatives.

The presentation of the project led to a sharing of ideas, it was very positive for the evolution of the project. For example someone came with the idea that each user can have a custom map at the app of what he considers an area of silence. (The concept of silence is very personal) Making a catalogue of the silences will also be a challenge.(Silence of children sleeping, of a monster coming...). The aim is to create a prototype of the final application.

By having clear ideas of what we wanted, it was easy to move on to the project requirements, we believe that data collection with ODK will corresponds exactly with what we expect. The implementation will work both, for the workshop and for the final exhibition at ACVic.


We build the data collection form for the characters at street walking Street view. We work with ODK, input was good but when exporting the form to start uploading there are some problems. Tomorrow we will work on the resolution and it will be ready for testing the data collection. We are also thinking of the name of the new anamorphic alphabet, possibly be "Photoglyph" or "Imageglyph." Hopefully we can get to work on the prototype of the game to catch geoglyphs.

From the work we had developed we are adding functionalities to the original script. We work on the signs for "point of interest" for the user to have a proper signaling and to be suggested for a route to follow. We customize the Layar buttons to make them for example having the appearance of a small TV. Incompatibilities adding transparencies solved.
Works and tests with the ODK. We did the first registration form and found some limitations according to the idea we had. We want users to add silence and ODK can only have a closed bd where they could select. Tomorrow look for an alternative. Inventor APP may be an option. We had still some configuration problems with the ODK but we already have the final version of capture form "Imageglyphs" and tomorrow we will begin testing to capture the doorstep.

The typewriter to search Google Maps (always live) moves horizontally during the search of the glyphs will read 1 to 1 to full screen.
We still had some configuration problems with the ODK but we already have the final version of the capture form for "Imagoglyphs" and tomorrow we will begin testing to capture from the street.
Google Maps typewriter searches  (always live) moving horizontally during the search of the glyphs we will read 1 to 1 to full screen.

We have made the tool international, so you can add points anywhere in the world and it also measures the distance and returns the miles left to anarchistic route. We will work on the participation's interface for users to add points after following a part of the route. We decided that the shares will be moderated. Each input shall provide points wich will be visible on a graph, so we add the "game" factor to the activity. Me and Rez we were working with the App Inventor, and we got the essential things to make the implementation of the project, now we users will be able to add custom concepts and tags. We even could see the form on the phone screen and get some image capture, sound and text. I'm thinking of manipulating colors from the Google Maps and I think I've got the final idea.
The first itinerary, did not work too well. We contacted the collectors, one of them was not much for the work and we had to explain again the concept, tomorrow we will do the route as a normal day. In any case it was a good test, we returned to the workshop, we uploaded the data to the server and correct errors. We had problems with video and will work on the resolution.

We've done the testing and have collected some imagoglyphs, even when they are not part of an alphabet,they  was enough to confirm that everything works, the data capture with the ODK. and the strategy of the "recursive  f light" of the text (as you can only see one character at a time,  moving from one character to another will be like flying again and returning to refocus). We will make the incorporation of the tool on the website. We discussed about how the representation of imagoglifos on the map will be.

We have pictures of the new application. We have developed the participatory and the game phase. To get the right for adding information the user has to visit 10 points along the route, each point gives a "Anarcoin" and to send information to the route you need a credit of 10 "anarcoins." We tried a few AAR Tools .. We have to unify the image. Emerging ideas for the route like Instant crowd.

Rez finished programming the recording of the silences. Tweaks of the starting interface. We discussed whether the form should be subjective or objective. Roc proposed something more poetic, an application closer to art, but we look also for something useful for the user that make him friendly to the application.
Lluís has also been working on the database of the application (among other things). I've been working on the map of silences and manipulating the colors from Google Maps (API), I took off the names and left the image a little cleaner. The silence will not come out with a typical google maps pointer 
but only the shadow will be above the map. I want the map to be physical, very visual and no information in text.
We walked 15 km. We left Marina, Aragon, and went down to St. Pere, Sta,Catarina, Born, etc.. A man was quite nice and had a lot of junk to give, fortunate for the collector.
After all the day, the collector only earned 14 eur. There are several points of sale, the one we chose was full of people afraid of our presence. Impressive to see the scrap mountain. The manager weighs your charge, pay for it and then throw everything into the truck, from there we lose the trail. The collector had another job afterwards. At night we collected data with another person by Poblenou. It was important because that night the council collects the furniture in the street, there is a lot of competition, more and more people begin doing this activity .. after 3 hours we had practically nothing. Finally we could grab something. There is a code of respect among collectors to avoid fighting.


We developed a first version of a new function to read the texts made with ​​GoogleMaps’ geoglyphs, called "recursive flight" so with a single character at the screen- ideal for a phonescreen - we’ll travel from one letter to another until we see the entire word or phrase.

We’ll publish the APP to capture imagoglyphs via Android phone for the entire community involved with "The Typewriter Google Maps" and also for the entire community of fans of typography in general.
We will close a first operational version for the telephone of the reading with "recursive flight" for geoglyphs and imagoglyphs.

Now we’ll explore the rest of the routes pointed out: creating a global game for the hunt of geoglyphs / imagoglyphs, work with GoogleStreetView imaging system, using oriented programming languages ​​for Android, as Processing.

Working in a good environment was essential. So much for the efficient organization of HANGAR, for the support of mentors, and the team of programmers that were advisors and workmates to write the necessary code. To know and live with the rest of the project teams also gave us some perspective.Personally I thing it was a very positive experience that I would repeat.

... The project has reached the prototype stage of the application.
Now we wish to test the prototype wity the beta-testers, and improve it if necessary. The experience of the beta-testers will give us some feedback of the user’s satisfaction. So far The Mute Map (application’s name) seems to take shape in the near future. On the other hand we look at the possibility of developing the interface for viewing the silences with Processing.
The workshop has been intense, the project has taken another shape more interesting than before entering the workshop. The contribution of the partners (tutor and developer) has been crucial.
In our project the data collection was carried out successfully during the workshop and the implementation of the project on the web, so we have left only some graphic details and we’d like to add another itinerary to make a broader measurement. The most immediate plan is to continue the project with the data we have gathered in the exhibit of ACVIC and if possible to continue data collection. The workshop gave us the appropriate technical tools for the project.